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ARCHEthic gives back to humanity control over technology, and to each individual, control over their identity

Overview of ARCHEthic Blockchain Ecosystem

The technical and functional parameters that make ARCHEthic unique and ready for global adoption

How ARCHEthic scales upto other blockchains?

ARCHEthic Bitcoin Ethereum 1.0 Ethereum 2.0 EOS Tezos Harmony
Validation Time < 5 sec 10 min 15 sec 15 sec 0.5 sec 1 min 1.36 sec
Tx/sec Unlimited 7 20 15000 3996 40 10 Million
Security 97.5% 51% 51% 66% 66% 66% 66%
Data Security Geo-Secured Sharding Everywhere Everywhere Sharding Sharding Everywhere Sharding
P2P Layer Supervised Multicast Gossip Gossip Gossip Gossip Gossip Gossip

* Data in table can be changed according to future developments of various projects


The decision making bodies of ARCHEthic Blockchain


ARCHEthic foundation is a non-profit organization whose vision is the promotion of the ARCHEthic Public Blockchain Protocol. It considers ARCHEthic as a project – where a solid technical foundation is a key to winning the marathon race to global adoption. Its role is to sustainably deploy resources that are under control to support the long-term success of ARCHEthic. This long-term success will only be possible with a vibrant decentralized ecosystem.

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An inclusive, generously incentivized, and on-chain Governance

Universal Coin (UCO)

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UCO - Programmed to grow

Designed for large-scale use and therefore mass adoption. The number of UCO tokens, the initial value of the UCO, as well as the market capitalization, are initialized according to the means required for the implementation of the ecosystem according to the growth hypotheses and priorities of the project.
"Tokeneconomics Model is under REWORK, update will come very soon"

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Welcome to the ARCHEthic Developer Portal to discover all there is to ARCHEthic.
Explore it's architecture, ecosystem, deploy smart contracts and be ready to build !

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The Software Development Kit (SDK) to build applications on top of ARCHEthic blockchain.


Interested to build applications on top of ARCHEthic blockchain - explore and try out your application on testnet.

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Developers, investors, crypto-enthusiasts and everyday users around the world are working together to build a trusted digital era. Come join the global ARCHEthic community.

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Our proud milestones, that are being achieved rapidly

  • Q3 2021 (Alpha Mainnet)

    Transaction Chain
    Transaction Validation (Distributed / POW / Sharding)
    UCO transaction

    Read more

  • Q4 2021 (Beta Network)

    Token Swap
    Fully fledged Mobile Wallet
    NFC functionality for Mobile Wallet

    Read more

  • Q1 2022

    Malicious detection implementation
    Manage origin keys (renewal / device sign-in)
    Graphs on the explorer

    Read more

  • Q2 2022

    Fully fledged Mobile Wallet
    NFC functionality for Mobile Wallet
    Keychain access with Yubikey

    Read more

  • Q3 2022

    Prediction Module
    Advanced OnChain Governance

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