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Secure Identity & Smart Contracts

Archethic aims to create a safer, more inclusive, and transparent internet, where trust is embedded through cutting-edge biometric integration offering a new generation of services.

Creating a fully autonomous decentralized network in the hands of the world population made by the people, for the people.

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The Key Features

Why Archethic


The Eldorado of Transaction Chain

Archethic introduces a new type of Distributed Ledger Technology: The Transaction Chain.
Each block is a transaction. Each transaction is a chain.
Merging the capacity of millions of blockchain, into one.

ARCH Consensus

Archethic introduces a new consensus, solving the blockchain trilemma.
Linear Scalability with 50 TPS per node.
Fully decentralized through geo-sharding around the globe. Aeronautic grade security with 90% Malicious node tolerance

New Generation of Services

Archethic introduces groundbreaking
smart-contract features enabling developers
to create a new generation of decentralized applications

Native Biometric Integration

Archethic introduces a tamper-proof biometric identification system that uniquely recognizes individuals without storing any biometric data.
Granting seamless access to on-chain services for every human on the planet

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