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Archethic smart-contracts expand developers boundaries enabling them to create a new generation of services.

Simplified language

Developers can learn to code Dapps within days

Editable code

Ability to update smart contracts after deployment

Automated triggers

Self triggered by internal or external events

Off-chain data retrieval

Make a decision based on external data

Native oracle

Access to external data without third-parties oracle

Multi-owner delegation

Enabling multiple parties to delegate control or decision-making power

Developer Resources

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Explore the power of open source and the transparency of our codebase on GitHub

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Discover the technical knowledge directory of Archethic Ecosystem

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The Software Development Kit

Our comprehensive SDK equips you with the tools, resources, and guidelines needed to seamlessly integrate and innovate within our decentralized ecosystem.

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Smart-Contract Playground

Experience hands-on learning with our Smart Contract Playground. Experiment, test, and refine your smart contract skills in a safe and interactive environment.

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