Archethic is the first and only biometric blockchain

Access your private keys, your digital identity and your finances with the tip of your fingers.

11 Biometric & Blockchain Patents.

Blockchain transaction fee < 0.02$.

First Biometric cold Wallet where you are the private key.

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Our Vision & Our Mission

Imagine a world where using the internet is easier, safer, and faster than ever before. A world where you do not need to remember passwords or worry about online security because your fingerprint is all you need.

Archethic is working to bring this world to you.

Picture all the websites and apps you use today migrated to Archethic to harness the power of biometric blockchain technology to create a hack proof authentication system, which is even free from kind of central control.

Logging in, signing online documents, paying, all of this happens instantly. With Archethic, you have complete confidence that your personal information is safe. This is a world where everyone has control over their own data.

All of this sounds like a revolution. Yes, it is! And you can be part of this revolution, today!

Introducing the 3 Core Components of Archethic

11 Patents merging Blockchain & Biometry

Archethic holds 11 groundbreaking patents that integrate blockchain and biometrics to protect user privacy.

These patents enable the generation of private keys on the fly directly from biometric data, such as fingerprints, without storing any biometric information. This innovative approach ensures secure and private digital interactions.

In the future, biometric identification devices, such as smartphone face ID, may require these patents to securely link to a blockchain, significantly enhancing the prominence and impact of Archethic technology.

The Archethic Blockchain and ARCH consensus

Archethic introduces a groundbreaking distributed ledger technology: The transaction chain.

Each block is a transaction, and each transaction forms a chain, merging the capacity of millions of blockchains into one.

Our ARCH Consensus solves the blockchain trilemma:

Linear Scalability: 50 TPS per node (Target 10,000 TPS Q4 2024)

Energy consumption: 3.5Bn time less than Bitcoin.

Decentralization: Achieved through geo-sharding around the globe.

High Security: Aeronautic-grade security with 90% malicious node tolerance.

These innovations position Archethic as a leader in blockchain technology, providing unparalleled security, scalability, and efficiency.

And if that wasn’t enough, Archethic consumes 0.0001% of the energy required by Bitcoin! This makes Archethic scalable, but also sustainable.

Biometric Cold Wallet, The Key to Mass Adoption

Archethic cold wallet is designed to drive mass adoption of our blockchain technology. Here is how it stands out...

Patented Biometric Security

Our cold wallet generates private keys directly from fingerprints without storing the image. This ensures top-notch security and privacy, eliminating the need for traditional passwords and PINs.

Competitive Advantages

Unmatched Security: Biometric key generation is tamperproof, with no data storage.

User-Friendly: No logins or passwords needed; seamless key generation.

Privacy Protection: No storage of biometric data ensures unbreakable user privacy.

Interoperable: Compatible with any blockchain.

Driving Blockchain Adoption

Our cold wallet offers secure, decentralized identity through fingerprint authentication. It simplifies logging in and approving transactions on the Archethic network, attracting users and encouraging the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on our platform.

Our Roadmap


Filing of 11 Patents - merging Blockchain and Biometric Technologies


CNRS Partnership to design ARCH Consensus and the First "Transaction Chain".

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Successful Approval of All 11 Patents.

View patents

Start of Archethic Transaction Chain Development.


CSF certifies Archethic Blockchain and Biometrics for Olympics 2024 & Mass Public events.

View certification

Launch of Testnet for Initial Testing and Validation.


Launch of Mainnet Making the Transaction Chain Fully Operational.


Release of Archethic Keychain with Biometric Security Features.


Launch of Downloadable Archethic Wallet for Ecosystem Access.

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Launch of Archethic Bridge for Blockchain Interoperability.

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Release of Archethic DEX and Farming Features for Decentralized Finance.

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Q4 2024

Opening of the Ecosystem to Third-Party Developers and Project Initiators.

Q4 2025

Launch of Archethic Biometric Cold Wallet.

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Q2 2026

Launch of Molecular, Technology for Seamless Migration of any project from Web2 to Web3.

The UCO Token

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Where to Buy UCO ?

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What are the UCO Applications?

The UCO token is designed to serve 2 key functions within the Archethic ecosystem:

Transaction Fees

UCO tokens will be used to pay for transaction fees, ensuring efficient and secure network operations.

Governance and Voting

Token holders will be able to lock UCO tokens to gain voting power in the DAO, participating in decision-making processes.

Our Team


Sebastien Dupont

Steered two flagship projects at Orange over a decade: Identity Management, catering to a vast user base of 100M & Mobile Banking in Africa, where he drove growth from €10M to €4 billion in revenue. Cybersecurity Specialist with Thales for 10 years, Bitcoin Evangelist since 2013.


Nilesh Patankar

Nilesh is an ardent advocate of open-source principles and decentralization. He has assisted organizations like Mastercard and Barclays in modernizing their payment infrastructure and successfully transitioning to the cloud.


Sylvain Séramy

With over two decades of experience, Sylvain, Chief Information Officer at Archethic, has committed his career to a leading firm specializing in the secure processing, storage, and management of sensitive data.

Lead architect

Samuel Manzanera

Samuel is the Lead Architect of the Blockchain Development Team. He specialized in solidity on ETH since 8+ years with a focus on Identity Management & Fundraising Models. Previous collaborations with industry leaders such as Michelin, Viseo, and Deloitte.

Blockchain Lead Dev

Julien Leclerc

Julien is passionate about development and discovering new technologies. Motivated by challenges, he excels at finding clean solutions. With over 6 years in the web3 ecosystem, Julien leads blockchain development at Archethic, optimizing network scalability, stability, and smart contracts.

Lead R&D Engineer

Akshay Reddy

Akshay is the Lead R&D Engineer focused on blockchain and biometrics AI at Archethic. He graduated from École Polytechnique as an International TotalEnergies Scholar. During his studies, Akshay also worked as a Data Scientist for the TotalEnergies Digital Factory team.

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