adoption with
native services

aeBridge - MAINNET 🟢

Discover a seamless
of assets

The bridge provides a fully decentralized portal for depositing and withdrawing your assets

The Safety Module safeguards user assets by limiting funds exposure

Atomic Swap guarantees no loss of funds for users through Refund Function

aeWallet - MAINNET 🟢

Securely store, transfer and swap tokens and collectibles

Welcome to your decentralized home - where creating tokens & NFTs is simple, and managing access to your digital identity is made possible, all without a single line of code.

aeHosting - TESTNET 🟢

Decentralized Web Hosting

Free your content, forever


Your website is fully on-chain, sharded & secured around the world


Your data is censorship-resistant. Tamper-proof as your front-end inherit native blockchain security


The web hosting is under the sole regulation of the DAO, ensuring decentralized control

aeSwap - MAINNET 🟢

SWAP assets on-chain
and access yield farming
by adding liquidity

Swap assets on our gas-efficient blockchain, for fees as low as 0.5%

Earn through yield farming by providing liquidity to pools!

Create your own pools and bring your tokens to life!

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