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Brand Voice


  • Simple, easy to understand vocabulary
  • Transparent state of communication
  • Confident Claims and Data Points
  • Keep Balance of use cases + announcements + features while communicating

Best Practices:

  • Archethic

    • Use Archethic (as written) across all communication
    • Incorrect usage:
      • ARCHEthic
      • ArchEthic

  • Uniris, Archethic Blockchain and Archethic Foundation

    • Uniris is a private blockchain software company that develops decentralized software services and applications that operate on the Archethic Public Blockchain.
    • Archethic Public Blockchain is the first integrated services platform capable of meeting a fundamental need: giving everyone back the control over technology. In this way, Archethic is part of the promise of a safer, more inclusive, and truly decentralised world.
      • Correct usage: Archethic Public Blockchain , Archethic Blockchain
    • Archethic Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose vision is the promotion of the Archethic Public Blockchain Protocol. It considers Archethic as a project – where a solid technical foundation is a key to winning the marathon race to global adoption. Its role is to sustainably deploy resources that are under control to support the long-term success of Archethic.

  • ARCH Consensus

    • How it works:
      Consider a village of 100,000 people where every person in the village keeps the entire payments records of all the people in the village. Alice and Bob are citizens of the village.
      • Traditional Consensus: When Alice sends Bob 10 units (of some currency) you normally expect all the 100,000 people to approve this transaction, this takes a lot of time and the village will not be able to process a lot of these transactions.
      • ARCH Consensus: When Alice sends Bob 10 units (of some currency), the transaction is validated by randomly selecting 200 people out of 100,000 people, where all the 200 selected will have the same answer. This akes very less time to validate and the village is able to process any number of transactions.
      • Correct usage:
        • “ARCH consensus” for english language communications
        • “consensus ARCHE” for french language communications
      • Incorrect usage:
        • arche
        • arch

  • UCO

      UCO is the cryptocurrency that runs the Archethic Public Blockchain.

Brand Story

Our team is a unique blend of complementary, cohesive, and experienced personalities from companies such as Thales, Mastercard, Barclays, Orange, Mozilla, Google, PwC, and researchers from the École Polytechnique and CNRS.

Uniris Company was created in 2017, Sebastien is intrigued by the idea of blockchain and its benefits. The design of the blockchain is elegant, driven by mathematics and without contradiction. Such code-mathematical control would create a concept of equality, free of prejudice and bias.

After 4 years of rigorous research by Sebastien, Nilesh and Christophe have resulted in 11 patents and an ecosystem ready for mass use. In 2020 the official launch of Archethic Public Blockchain took place, a blockchain that could provide scalability, be 100% secure and sustainable along with added benefits of a biometric solution that simplifies access and management of private keys. In other words, a future-proof blockchain.

The original idea was to apply this concept to create a P2P decentralized marketplace. The team started looking at possible base layers available at the time, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain but quickly realized that they had a common drawback: they were not scalable and inaccessible. The team feels the blockchain ecosystem is so esoteric that its adoption is limited to the tech-savvy nerd segment. This observation became evident when Sebastien, CEO of Uniris, tried explaining the concept to his grandmother, who was unable to fathom the whole private key management aspect. It led to the realization that adoption would only be possible through the simplicity of use, and if adoption was successful, then scalability to manage the growth was of utmost importance.

In simple words, our decision to create the Archethic Blockchain was to innovate every layer. In other words, a Grandma Proof Blockchain that is ready for world adoption.